Business Processes Automation: (Analyzing problems and finding solutions)

Our custom solutions tie together all the functions of your business at single point promises to take you to the next level in the market. We are not just a software development company, with in-depth understanding of your business we design the most appropriate and powerful solution to meet your expectations.

1)Business Functions Automation for Profit Organization

Automation is a powerful means of optimizing all aspects of business. With automation, organizations become more efficient and accurate in their undertakings even as they increase their size and scope of operations. Through automation process we bring all functions get together in such a way that the results give you a hawk view of your business, eliminate data duplication and improve workflow resulting in significant bottom-line savings and maximizing your wealth. Our Solutions Products for Businesses: 

                           1)  Point of Sale

                           2)  Inventory Management System

                           3)  Accounting Solutions

                           4) Human Resource and Payroll Management Solutions.

2)Operations and Program Management Process Automation for Non-Profit Org:

To maximize the impact of resources, ensure accountability and transparency, and to make your work more visible you must have cutting edge technology in place. Our integrated custom solution will keep your stakeholders up-to-date, give you accurate view of your financial health, streamline administrative processes and automate workflow to optimize the overall efficiency of the organization. Organizations with a mission to empower poor and vulnerable through innovative programs and projects need to have diversified portfolios to attract more funding and sponsorships. Ultimately, your supporters need customized information and reports at their convenience. This has made development organizations challenging to respond their donors and concentrate on helping others at the same time. Our Enterprise resource planning solution promises to make the tailored information readily available at any point of time. Our innovative ways to assist your team in the transition phase is guaranteed to trail you onto the new and exciting system. FortLogics is proud to offer you an integrated set of following portals;

                             1) Financial and Grants Information Management System

                             2) Human Resource Management Information System

                             3) Fixed Assets Management Information System

                             4) Administrative and Procurement Management Information System

                             5) Program Management Information System  

Financial and Grants Information Management System

Financial Management Information System (FMIS) of a development organization must cope with the challenges of financial reporting in a multi-donor portfolio environment, it must meet all statutory needs, expectations of the management and compliances of the donors.

Broadly, our the FMIS has two portals: Financial accounting portal and Management accounting portal.

Financial accounting portal of the designed system meets all the statutory needs of the organization in true spirit. It gives the primary financial information for preparation of financial statements in accordance approved accounting standards comprise of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) issued by the International Accounting Standard Board (IASB).

Management accounting portal has been designed in a way that facilitates mountaintop view for the top management. On a single click, it brings to focus the thematic allocation of funds, allocation of funds in specific cost centers, overall funds allocation to programmatic and administrative/program support activities and allocation of funds as per the guidelines of different funding sources.

In addition, the budget monitoring portal has been designed in a way that the approved budgets can easily be aligned with the work plans of the specific program/project(s).


Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

Human Resources Information System (HRIS) enables the organization to collect, record, store, analyze and retrieve data concerning an organization’s human resources. The System also smoothen the administrative procedures by automating functions like reporting, payroll handling and benefits administrating.

Our HRIS portal equipped with the functions “taking on board” to “Saying Goodbye”. FortLogics integrates the employee’s compensation in line with the time spent on the various projects with Financial Management portals making your payroll entry on a single click. In the social development organizations, it has always been very tricky to charge payroll expense to the designated budget lines. Financial Officers need considerable time and concentration to create payroll JVs and charge or reclassify into projects and programs. By applying extensive experiences of the development sectors our team promises to give you a piece of mind by customizing integrations of payroll with Finance module as per the guidelines of your donors.

Moreover, by implementing our entire package of HRIS the Leaves can be applied and approved online notifying employees and supervisors via e mails too. Performances may be measured through set KPIs and employee is awarded accordingly. Employee’s full and final settlements are generated from the system.

Administration and Procurement Management Portal:

Operations of development organizations have always been critical both to implement projects successfully and liaison with stockholders including donors, suppliers and employees. Therefore, this administrative and procurements portal will assist you from initiation of an activity to the executions and getting appropriate feedbacks. Broadly, this information system will facilitate you in the following;

                                         1) To reduce processing time

                                         2) To ensure internal controls by assigning roles to users as per organizational policy

                                         3) To track activities like pipeline information of major procurements

                                         4) To project funds requirements for near future

                                         5) To provide list of major procurements to the donors,

                                         6) To analysis time span of execution of activates

                                         7) To identify bottle necks in the processes

Fixed Assets Management:

In the development sector, usually assets are funded by different donors and donor agencies.  Subsequently, the donors have always been curious about assets tagging, periodical physical verifications and reporting at costs and net values.

Moreover, organizations preparing Financial Statements as per International Financial Reporting Standards need to classify funded assets and organization’s owned assets in order to make necessary entry of “Deferred Capital Grants” and necessary adjustments.

Our Fixed assets portal in the true demonstration of bringing development sector experience on board by developing a comprehensive package of fixed assets module.  Broadly this portal contains following features and reports;

                                         1) Fixed asset registered (consolidated, region/ project wise)

                                         2) Calculations of Depreciation / amortizations

                                         3) Calculations of Deferred Capital Grants

                                         4) Assets Disposed off and transfer

                                         5) Assets Codes Generation